Design Approach

Aesthetics, Mechanics, Practicality and Durability

Dickson's designs are skillful combinations of aesthetics, mechanics, practicality and durability. Being attentive to details, emphasizing the importance of standardization of process, meanwhile aiming at delivering distinctive designs, Dickson creates styles that forerun its time with originality and uniqueness.

In everlasting pursuit of beauty and with outstanding knowledge of furniture craftsmanship, our designers annually introduce and give life to luxurious furniture that blend newly developed state-of-the-art materials, original ideas and artistic taste. The deep charcoal grey colour and warm beige colour together with a glossy look bring tints of modern lifestyle. The warm grey hue created by mixing red, yellow and blue colours suggests a cool style, yet brings about a feel of warmth that shows simple passion for life.

Dickson's history is a miniature of the evolution from being made in China to being created in China. Innovative designs and ideas are always the most valuable elements on which Dickson's furniture rely to win an unparalleled reputation. In the designs of furniture, we skillfully combine the traditional and modern classics, and blend elements at the forefront of furniture trends both in the East and the West to present a new interpretation of modern quality life.

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