Pursuit of Uncompromising Quality

In Dickson, there is one quality inspector out of every 8 staff members.

All raw materials have to undergo full quality inspection. Quality inspection will be performed at the end of each process from application of primer to completion of the final finish. A sign-off approval will be granted only when the inspection result is satisfactory. Our digitalized control system assigns a unique identification number to each process and the product can be packed only after all identification numbers form a complete serial number upon successful passing of all quality inspections. Further, sampling inspection will be carried out on packed products. As a rule of Dickson’s quality assurance, a product will be withheld from delivery if any flaw is found in any of the production processes.

Dickson uses state-of-the-art materials, production equipment and control techniques introduced from Germany, Italy and France as a hardware measure to ensure our outstanding quality. In addition to being produced with advanced equipment, Dickson’s products are also crystallization of sophisticated craftsmanship. Every edge and corner of our furniture has to receive rounding processing. Every chair has to undergo repeated impact tests. Every component to be used on our products is assigned a code to facilitate the assurance of consistency of wood grains and colour.

We are attentive to every small detail with the aim of being responsible to every user, ensuring every user has a satisfied, free and easy experience in enjoying our furniture.

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