Hands in Hands for Common Development

Dickson, a famous furniture brand name with a history of 30 years, has earned consumers' trust for its unique product style, distinguished product quality and business integrity. Over the past 15 years, we have made sustained efforts to develop a network of franchise shops and have won their full support. Through sharing our pooled resources and expertise accumulated over time, we aim at upgrading our franchise shops from simple distribution outlets into a network, which, in addition to furniture, provides home planning and design service to meet the demand of more sophisticated customers who pursue a quality and trendy lifestyle. Meanwhile, this service upgrade effectively expands the business potential of our franchise shop, raising their profitability.

To ensure franchisees' advantages in the market and their long cooperation with us, we designate professional staff to carefully plan and supervise the selection of location, design, decoration, lighting and display of products of our franchise shops. We also engage professionals to prepare documents and manuals which govern the duties of the manager, salespersons, storage keepers and deliverers and provide professional training both before and after the opening of the shop. We aim at enabling the continuous growth of our franchisees with promising profitability, and making Dickson a famous furniture brand throughout China.

Please contact Dickson and get a copy of "Dickson Furniture Franchise Proposal" for the details.
Contact: Ms. Judy Ngai

Eligibility for Becoming a Dickson Franchisee

Qualification: A potential franchisee should have good understanding of and trust for Dickson, business integrity, respect and passion for the industry, and concepts for modern quality life.
Location: Suitable shop on a main street or furniture mall
Area: 250 sq.m. to 700 sq.m.
Investment: Approximately RMB3,500 to RMB4,000 per sq.m.
Manpower: One Manager, 2 to 5 salespersons, 2 to 8 deliverers, and one storage keeper

Steps for Joining:

International Agents are Welcome

Dickson Furniture has 30 overseas distribution outlets. We welcome more overseas buyers, distributors and agent to join our network. For details, please contact Ms. Judy Ngai.

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